A Little Bit About Our Company

Sorrentoshuttle.com is a concept created by DTS.
As many travellers choose Sorrento as their holiday destination, and reaching the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast can be both very difficult by local bus and costly via taxi, we came up with this ideal solution to cater to all your needs when it comes to travelling from the airport to your destination and back.

Anyone arriving in Naples airport under their own steam, for example if you have booked accommodation only, in Sorrento, usually you would at this point have to take the airport to Sorrento shuttle bus.

Sorrento shuttle bus offers you a cheaper, hassle free transfer direct from/to the airport!

If by chance the time of your arrival should not coincide with our shuttle bus timetable, no worries, you can book a private car through us as well. We can guarantee the most convenient of charges, if you find anything cheaper; we will offer you the difference as a discount!

Sorrento shuttle car sharing is a service which literally means sharing a car and it’s exactly this concept that sorrentoshuttle.com wants to promote to its guests. Share with other fellow passengers a private transfer from Naples airport to your chosen accommodation on the Sorrento Coast in this way; you will be sharing the tariff, hence making it cheaper for you.