Private boat to Amalfi Coast

Start your private boat tour from Sorrento, we will sail along the Sorrento Coast, passing through the most beautiful places in our country; we will pass near the fishimg village of the Marina Grande, which once was the only access road to Sorrento; going further we will pass by the baths of Queen Giovanna, (where it’s possible to see the ruins of an ancient Roman residence; construction dating back to the 1st century BC, which first was the residence of the Roman senator Pollio Felice and between 1350 and 1450 the summer residence of Giovanna d’Angiò, Queen of Naples.) it will then be the turn of “Puolo” where we will admire the beautiful villa of the first true Italian shipowner Achille Lauro; Sorrento ends exactly here , and another small town begins, MassaLubrense. We arrive at the point where the two gulfs meet, the Gulf of Naples and that of Salerno.
Our excursion to the Amalfi coast comes to life, we veer to the left and the first thing we admire is the bay of Ieranto, a wonderful natural reserve, and than Nerano, a small seaside village famous for its excellent food like the “spaghetti alla nerano” .
We continue the boat tour, on our route there is a small islet called Isca, better known by the name “De filippo island”, (a famous actor of the Neapolitan theater). We then point the bow towards the open sea and head to the island of “Li Galli”, a beautiful archipelago consisting of three islets located about 3 miles from Positano. The island was once owned by the famous Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Shall We stop? Anchor in this area is forbidden, to avoid ruining the seabed, but we will still have the opportunity to take a nice swim.
When we leave our destination will be Amalfi, lie down and enjoy the walk.
Once in Amalfi, look how beautiful the neo-Gothic cathedral of Sant’Andrea is,  from the sea or  if you wish, we can land for the visit.
Back on board we sail along the coast returning back to Positano. We will pass through  the small towns of the coast, from Conca dei Marini to the fjord of Furore, (seat of the world diving competitions), then we will see Praiano and finally we will reach Positano. You  have the opportunity to go down and visit the town and also, if you want you can stop and enjoy a lunch in a beach restaurant …
What about  another stop for swimming? Fornillo’s beach is just a stone’s throw away, let’s drop anchor and jump into the sea.
The boat tour of the coast is coming to an end but the journey back is still long. Lie down in the bow and enjoy the sail, maybe if we are lucky we can also see a group of dolphins greeting us

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PICK UP: From Sorrento Port near  Antonino Esposito Restaurant



  • skipper
  • fuel
  • taxes
  • soft drink on board (water, CocaCola, Fanta, Beer, sparkling wine)
  • snorkeling equipment
  • noodles