Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all travellers wishing to book Positano shuttle bus and Sorrento shuttle bus to and from airports of the Campania Region.


– Each passenger can carry onboard 1 large luggage and 1 carry on.

– € 10,00 will be charged for each extra luggage or stroller.

– Baby Seat must be provided by customers – if requested there will be an extra charge of € 5,00.

– We do not provide Handicapped Services – but our staff will be at your disposal – for further information contact us at: info@positanoshuttle.com

“The customer who purchased the SHARED SHUTTLE SERVICE is aware that the shuttle will also make journeys by crossing the Amalfi Coast or Sorrento Coast allowing  the customers to take advantage of the shuttle service that have chosen a particular time.
In this case the time of the PICK UP / DROP OFF can ‘be early or delayed for a maximum of one hour from the time shown in the inquiry and the customer accepts these time changes ”

1) General introduction of Direct Tourist Services S.r.l  –  (Positanoshuttle) (Sorrentoshuttle) (Amalfishuttle) Direct Tourist Services S.r.l (AKA DTS ) is a limited responsibility society, legally based in Naples (Italy) in via Bagnulo, 201 – Piano di Sorrento – VAT 06492171217, registered at the directors of companies of Naples Number REA 819204 regulated by law in force in Italy.

DTS via the brands Positanoshuttle – Sorrentoshuttle – Amalfishuttle concentrates on transfers of people to and from the airports of the Campania region, especially Capodichino, being Naples main airport, transfers from the airports to the most important resorts of the Campania Region, Amalfi Coast, and the Sorrentine Peninsula.Generated via a booking made on the internet http://www.positanoshuttle.com – http://www.sorrentoshuttle.com – http://www.amalfishuttle.com DTS will operate these transfers in collaboration with local transport suppliers.

Clients before using the above sites for booking transfers online need to read and understand the following terms and conditions in order for the contract between you and DTS becomes legally binding.Our Customer services advice page will be at your disposal to answer any queries you may have, regarding terms and conditions or other to help you book your transfers correctly.

Through its sites http://www.positanoshuttle.com – http://www.sorrentoshuttle.com – http://www.amalfishuttle.com  DTS offers the following types of transfer services with vehicles ranging from cars (1 to 3 pers.) to minibuses (from 4 to 8 pers.) to coaches consisting of 9 to 52 seats.

Term and conditions:1) TRANSFER

a) Shared shuttle transfer (Fixed Times): the client buys one or more seats on a certain type of vehicle hence the transfers could be shared with other passengers. The client is aware that during the transfer the shuttle could make some minor detours or stops to pickup or drop off other passengers.  The pickup time could vary dependent on route variations; hence at the time of booking clients will be made aware and will accept pick time differences these changes will be communicated via telephone well in advance of travel, by the DTS customer service team.The shuttle transfer could be a car, minibus or coach (depending on passenger’s bookings) hence; clients need to be at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before time of departure.

b) Private Transfer  Clients buy a transfer service exclusive to themselves, the vehicle used hence, will be totally at the clients disposal, (number of passengers need to be communicated at this point, so the correct vehicle size is ordered for you). You decide your destination, and the driver will take you directly there.

c) Elite Transfer Clients buy a transfer service, and the vehicle used will be a luxury one and again as per private transfers will be at your complete disposal.


a) DTS accepts all bookings made at least 24 hrs in advance of transfer service.

b) When 2 or more clients are included in the same booking, or if the transfer is booked on behalf of a third party, the person making the booking (client) will be referred to as agent to the other components of the group (passengers) hence, accepts on their behalf DTS terms and conditions.If a booking is made via telephone or fax, again same DTS terms and conditions apply.

c) At time of booking clients need to declare they are over 18 and assure that all information given are correct, complete and that the credit or debit card is property of the client making the booking. DTS will not be responsible for any errors made by the client at time of booking, and will not refund any missed services because of this.

d) Payment of services will be requested at time booking is made.Any booking made by a client, and sent via  e – mail to DTS  is considered a request, until payment is taken, hence a copy of the same e – mail will be sent to the client to confirm that the credit or debit card will be charged.Once payment has gone through and cleared, the client will then be sent a second e –mail confirming the service booked, this e – mail is to be printed and used as a voucher by the client and to be handed to the driver.It is important to have this with you when you travel, as it’s to be used as proof of purchase.

e) It’s the clients responsibility to check that information on the voucher printed  corresponds to the service chosen, at the time of booking, any discrepancy needs to be communicated via e – mail to info@positanoshuttle.com – info@sorrentoshuttle.com – info@amalfishuttle.com Or via telephone well in advance.

f) It’s the clients responsibility to give us a valid telephone number (mobile, of one of passengers, including international code ), this is in case of any event that may happen beyond our control, that could effect your transfer : ( heavy traffic bad weather strikes etc.). Any changes will be sent from DTS via SMS or telephone 24 hrs beforehand, in the event you are without a mobile, please give us the telephone number of the hotel where you are staying. It’s the client’s sole responsibility to check for any messages left regarding changes by DTS, and also it’s up to the client, if they cannot leave a valid mobile number, to contact DTS 24 hrs beforehand to verify if any changes have been made to their booking. Not checking your itinerary the day before you depart, may result in you missing the service, hence DTS will not be held responsible, and therefore will not refund you.

g) Any refunds will be made by DTS if DTS has cancelled the service booked for any unforeseen circumstances.

h) Clients legal rights must not be diminished or denied in any circumstances.

I) the present terms and conditions are subject to the Italian legalization and any controversy that may arise between client and DTS will be dealt with via the Court of Naples.


a) Each passenger is entitled to a baggage allowance included in the transfer price (this is 1 piece of luggage + 1 piece of hand luggage per person.)Any extra pieces of luggage need to be communicated at the time of booking (to add to “notes” on booking). DTS will reserve the right to apply a surcharge per extra piece, as this will result in us sending a bigger than normal vehicle to accommodate extra bags. Hence the surcharge.

b) If clients have special luggage (bikes, etc) or extra larger than normal luggage, again this need to be communicated to DTS at the time of booking as, omitting this information may result in the driver refusing to load any luggage not declared.

c) All luggage needs to be clearly marked with appropriate labels displaying name and location of the client. All luggage transported are the responsibility of the client and not the supplier, no refund will be made for any loss or damage. If any luggage is left in any transfer vehicle, this will be delivered to destination at a cost to the client.

d) DTS will do all possible to assure the smooth running of all services booked by the client, and make sure ( within limits ) any special requests are satisfied, as long as, at the time of booking these have been added to the “notes” on the booking form. Any request made is subject to DTS discretion and is not an obligation.


a) DTS is not to be held responsible for any transport delays (airplanes, trains, ships etc.) used by the client, it’s the client’s sole responsibility to promptly communicate any delays / cancellations to DTS.

b) In the case of clients booking private/elite transfers and a transport delay (airplanes, trains, ships etc.) occurs, DTS will have the driver waiting for at least 30 minutes, (client needs to communicate this to DTS) after the first 30 minutes there will be a surcharge for every hour of EU 25. This extra is to be paid direct to the driver, before boarding. If a client omits to communicate any delays, or refuses to pay the surcharge, the driver reserves the right to leave. No refund applies.

c) If a client has booked a shared transfer at a fixed time and a delay or cancellation of transport booked by client (airplanes, trains, ships etc.) occurs, the client will be moved to the next available shuttle, if no shared transfers are available, DTS will offer the choice of a private transfer, ( at a surcharge ). If the client does not want to pay the difference in price between a shared and private, due to delays beyond DTS control, they will not be refunded for the service booked and missed.

d) DTS in the event of delays etc, will however try in any way possible to fulfill all of its obligations, and make sure all transfers reach their destination, but would like to emphasize that in no case they are to be held responsible for any omissions on behalf of the client regarding events that could effect said service, and will not be held responsible for any major changes made to any bookings unless made by DTS themselves. DTS is not responsible for any “force majeure” event beyond anyone’s control IE: Cancellations, Strikes, Disputes, floods, heavy traffic, police traffic controls etc., If any “force majeure” event happens, and due to this event a client cancels prior to due travel date, and is able to prove this by presenting valid documentation, due to said event, DTS will refund as per art. 6/a.


a) All drivers of vehicles used for transfers by DTS adopt a non smoking policy.b) Drivers reserve the right to refuse boarding to any client under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse, and / or could result in being a menace to fellow travellers or the driver himself.c) No alcohol is permitted to be consumed or any illegal substances on board DTS transfer vehicles.d) All DTS vehicles are fully insured as by Italian law.e) All DTS transfers are “door to door” however, in the event that certain units are not, reachable due to pedestrian areas road restrictions etc, (this applies mainly to  Sorrento – Amalfi hotels) its up to the client to communicate meeting points/pickup time to DTS, prior to calling the hotel/unit situated in the restricted areas and obtaining meeting point & pickup info, failure to do so, may result in missing booked transfers, no refund applies.


a) Cancellations/changes /request for refunds need to be sent to the following e – mail and acknowledgment of the said changes will be confirmed via e-mail by DTS. If the client does not receive an e-mail confirming the above, from DTS its is up to the client to get in touch with DTS, any changes (cancellations etc.) need to be sent and communicated to DTS at least 7 days prior to departure date, from the airport, no penalty charge will apply and full refund will be credited to your card (debit/credit card).

DTS will refund all costs to the client at any given time, if they are unable to guarantee the correct running of any services booked.

b) Changes made to any confirmed booking need to be made at least 24 hours prior to travel, and need to be communicated via e-mail to DTS, again an e –mail confirming this will be generated by DTS, please call if the said e-mail is not received.DTS reserves the right to not accept eventual changes.c) Any complaints, queries, and / or refund requests, need to be sent in writing to the following e-mail within 30 days of service received.